Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Dad Rocks!

It's nice to see thoughtful writing coming from religious circles - of any religion - particularly when that writing is open to anarchist thought. Imagine my pleasure at finding all of that on Symbios, a site written by my father. Dad's a career environmentalist, responsible for some very good, sane, balanced work on endangered species preservation. For a nitty-gritty look at what it takes to do that kind of work for Uncle Sam, i can heartily recommend his recent Condor Tales: What I Learned in Twelve Years with the Big Birds. Mutualists might look at his section on Saving Small Towns, which is based in large part on his experiences in northern New Hampshire, where my parents are summer residents. And anyone interested in "Christianity for thinkers," as Dad puts it, should check out the wonderfully-titled section: Searching for Christians (in a Confusingly Religious World). Thoughts on Religion, Politics and Thinking (Offered up to a Nation Obsessed with Morality and Family Values, but with Seemingly No Understanding of Either.) The essay Has Your Christianity Been Hijacked includes some thoughts on Christian Anarchy, which is particularly fun for me to read, as, even as an adult child, i've at times had a bit of explaining to do about my enthusiasm for anarchism. Our takes are rather different, of course, though they get us a lot of the same places. I'll take the time to put my thoughts on the subject together soon, probably in the context of some historical analysis, but for now, here's what Dad has to say.

PS: For a little bonus look into my past, look at that Symbios homepage again. That's a much younger version of yours truly, looking out from a ridge in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Sigh. It's been a year or two since my calves looked like that - or i dared wear the pack-shorts slit clear to the waistband on the sides.

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