Monday, September 19, 2005

Alfred B. Westrup, Pt 2

Here's a few more items from Westrup. Folks with access to APS Online can follow the links.

Articles in Liberty:
See also:
  • Let Us Emancipate the Race! The North American Review (1821-1940). Boston: Jul 1918. Vol. VOL. CCVIII, Iss. NO. 752; p. 159.
  • The Auditor. Chicago, Ill.: Auditor Pub. Co., 1891[?] [free banking journal edited by Westrup. Copies of at least some issues are in the Labadie Collection, UMich.]


Anonymous said...

A LIBERAL BLEG [Jonah Goldberg]
Attention you hearty liberal Corner readers. This is a good faith question. I want to know why you think big corporations are "rightwing." I have heard many arguments, and with very, very, few exceptions I find them unpersuasive or insufficient. I am eager to learn what I am missing. I'd like to hear you make the case. Please, no sophistry, circular arguments or rank assertion. Specificity, examples and defined terms would be very helpful. I'm not particularly interested in the argument that corporations are bad for the environment and therefore they are rightwing. I'm not necessarily dismissing that argument, it's just that I've heard it so many times before. Please send honest and thoughtful responses to Send dishonest and unthoughtful responses to Ramesh. I'm also interested in articles which have made this case.
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Kevin Carson said...

I'm salivating at the prospect of all those digitized Westrup essays. I went to the Proquest site, though, and found didn't find any obvious (to me, anyway) link to information on membership and price.

I was pleased, BTW, to find Messer-Kreuse's The Yankee International at Questia. I guess I'll wind up forking over a membership fee to plunder their archives.