Friday, December 30, 2005

Tight Times

It's one of those "darkest before the dawn" situations. Some of you will have already noticed that the Libertatia Laboratories site is down. Things have been financially tight for quite awhile, but I've been managing to keep the site up and keep working on the online archive there. And things are looking up, for the first time in quite awhile. I'll be working as a part-time university instructor again this spring, adding another paycheck to the mix. But a holiday season without much work has pretty well left the cupboard bare, and it may be long month or so until the first university check arrives.

I'll probably throw together a quick replacement site on one of the free servers, to tide me over if need be. But it's hardly the ideal solution, particularly at the moment where it looks like I'm about to get all of Greene's mutual banking writings completely edited and the parallel edition posted. In fact, the financial crunch comes right at the moment when I was preparing to add a whole bunch of new content to the Labyrinth and launch a support site for the Mutual School project.

I've added a Paypal donation button to the sidebar here. If the work I've been doing--marking up texts for the web, constructing bibliographies, gathering historical gossip, etc.--has been useful to you, maybe you can contribute a few bucks to the cause. It won't take much to get things back on a firm footing here--just a little bit more than I have at the moment. We can even do a little something in fund-drive mode: anyone who can give $15 can receive a CDR of Voltairine de Cleyre poems set to electronic music (by yours truly), and we can call 25 bucks a pre-order for the Mutual Banking, PT. 1 volume of the Blazing Star Library. This latter will be a hand-bound hardcover book, containing Equality (1849), Mutual Banking (1850), and Mutual Banking (1870), a bibliographic essay, some additional notes from the Fragments (1875), and probably a few other odds and ends. (A second volume will include the parallel edition, a new critical aggragate edition, material by Proudhon, William Beck and Edward Kellogg, and, hopefully, the Palladium articles, together with more interpretive material from me. A third volume will collect as much of the debate surrounding Greene's banking works as I can assemble. And--who knows?--with new texts like Socialized Money showing up, perhaps we'll unearth enough material for additional volumes.)

Part of me hates to make this kind of request. Another part of me figures at least some of you have got good value in advance and might be willing to help keep things rolling.

Happy holidays!

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