Thursday, April 06, 2006

Edward Kellogg, "Remarks Upon Usury"

I've posted a pdf of Edward Kellogg's Remarks Upon Usury and its Effects: A National Bank a Remedy (1841), which is the earliest statement, originally published as by "Whitehook," of his banking and currency ideas.

The Knickerbocker for September 1841 briefly noted the publication as follows:
The author writes in a style of great terseness and perspicuity, and is evidently a person of sound practical views; and if one half of what he states be true, Wall-street should be closed, with an investigating committee at once convened 'in bank,' to examine his charges, 'with power to send for persons and papers.' p.272

The New York Review (October 1841, p. 529) also noted the publication, at more length and with considerably less sympathy.

See my initial post on the Kellogg bibliography for more details.

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