Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bolton Hall, Things as They Are (1899)

Back in May, I posted a couple of section's from Bolton Hall's Things as They Are: an essay, "The Delivery from Bondage;" and three "fables" featuring Snap, the Philosopher Dog. I finally got a chance to do the rest of the text editing on the volume, and a pdf edition is now available in the Libertarian Labyrinth.

I've been working on indexes of Hall's radical fables and parables--no small feat, since he published everywhere from St. Nicholas to the American Journal of Eugenics (the continuation of Lucifer, the Lightbearer.) The list is over 250 titles long now, and I'm not even through compiling what I have in hand. I've also started work on a project pulling together "all things Bolton Hall" from the pages of the New York Times, literally hundreds of letters to the editor, bits of biographical detail and records of political involvements.

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