Thursday, October 05, 2006

Charles Kraitsir

Some time ago, I noted the presence of some work by Charles V. Kraitsir in the Google Books archive. Here is a more complete bibliography and listing of online texts. Kraitsir was one of those eccentric geniuses championed by Elizabeth Palmer Peabody. William B. Greene was, of course, another, and the three of them all taught, according to at least some reports, at Kraitsir's school in Boston.

Kraitsir's theories were also debated in the Fourierist Harbinger in Sep.-Nov., 1847, and, some years earlier, were discussed in terms of Biblical arguments for and against capital pushishment, in the Liberator and Prisoner's Friend. [We know from references in the latter that William B. Greene was providing financial support for the anti-death-penalty movement.]

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