Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mutual Banking Round-Up

I'm in the midst of gathering together the last year's worth of research, for a much-needed overhaul of the Libertarian Labyrinth site. I have high hopes that the site can be a really useful resource for libertarians of various stripes who value the lessons of history. In the meantime, here is a round-up of all of the material on William B. Greene, mutualism, mutual banks and land banks I have posted to this blog and The Very Idea!
William Batchelder Greene
Mutualist and transcendentalist bits - William B. Greene
More William B. Greene
Just a bit more on Greene and Transcendentalism
On Why You Can't Beat a (Real) Book for Research
The Mutual Banking Writings of William B. Greene
"Will" Greene's Small World
"Fact and Rumor," 1886
Finding, and losing, Bessie Greene
Orl Korrect? "OK," says Charles Gordon Greene
Works of Nathaniel Greene, pt. 1
1853: William B. Greene at 34
1842: William B. Greene at 22
Two new William B. Greene texts online: The Sover...
William B. Greene's Articles on Transcendentalism
"A Transcendentalist in Political Economy"
Lord Acton on William Batchelder Greene
Taking Proudhon (and controversy) out of "Mutual Banking"
Greene, Whittier, Brownson
Mutualist Library and Blazing Star Library
The Other "Dial" biography of William B. Greene
William B. Greene, Equality (1849)
Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project
William B. Greene's 1850 Mutual Banking
Radical Deficiency of the Existing Circulating Medium, 1857
The Incredible Shrinking. . .
"Song of Espousal" in the Moss Rose for 1847
Oops! Wrong Brookfield? Mass. Historical backroads prove tricky
Greene meets Kossuth, Springfield, MA, April 26, 1852
William B. Green and the LTV
Susan Dimock and Bessie Greene
New Labyrinth / William B. Greene Timeline
Col. Greene defends Washington / Civil War incidents
1850: The Hotbed of Mutual Banking Agitation
William B. Greene in "The Word:" Free Love (1)
William B. Greene in "The Word:" Woman's Suffrage
from the "Fragments:" Communism vs. Mutualism
William B. Greene's "The Blazing Star"
William B. Greene: The Doctrine of the Trinity
3 new William B. Greene texts online
William B. Greene's 1870 "Mutual Banking"
Mutualist Show and Tell
An embarassment of riches, or, Auguste Ott tips the scales

Alfred B. Westrup

Alfred B. Westrup, mutual banking reformer
Alfred B. Westrup, Pt 2
Alfred B. Westrup, "Liberty," and "Plenty of Money"
Alfred B. Westrup, New Texts and Bibliography online
Alfred Benbow Westrup, "The Financial Problem"
Westrup note

Edward Kellogg
Edward Kellogg, 1790-1858
Edward Kellogg again (and a money-crank treasure trove)
Edward Kellogg in "The Word"
Edward Kellogg, "Remarks Upon Usury"
Adrian Kuzminski on Kellogg and Greene

Land Bank / Mutual Bank tradition

More Land Bank Beginnings: William Potter
Samuel Hartlib on William Potter's Land Bank
Land-Banks as a substitute for Alchemy?!
The Fund: A Boston Land Bank of 1681 (ITLL)
The Fund: A Boston Land Bank of 1681 (VI)
New London Society: Connecticut Land Bank, 1732
The Massachusetts Land Bank of 1740
1739-40: Prospectus of the Land Bank Company
1740: Dr. Wm. Douglas vs. the Land Bank
1740: A Defense of the Land Bank
1741: Petition of London Merchants against the Land Bank
Colonial Land Bank Literature
Andrew McFarland Davis on the Land Banks
Herman Kuehn, "The Capital Controversy"
New in the Labyrinth: Kuehn and Guyau
Alexander Campbell, "The True American System of Finance"
Thomas Mendenhall, "National Money" (1816)
Lewis H. Blair on free currency
Joshua King Ingalls: Work and Wealth, 1878
Joshua King Ingalls: "Economic Equities" (1887)
How To Escape the Coin Monopoly (1895)
Homer Orpheus Campbell and "Socialized Money"
Update on "Socialized Money"

Debates from The Index:

Josiah Warren

Josiah Warren, The First American Anarchist
Josiah Warren Project
A Poem on Equitable Commerce

Proudhon's "The Malthusians" (Benjamin Tucker translation)

Confessions of a latter day mutualist
The Historical Character of Mutualism
Varieties of Mutualist History
What Mutualism Was - I: Prehistories
What Mutualism Was - II: The Kernel(?) of the Problem(?)
What Mutualism Was - III: "A Mutualist" of 1826
More from the 1826 "Mutualist"?

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