Sunday, April 01, 2007

W. H. Van Ornum, Co-operation

There are whole books tucked away in the pages of the periodical literature, which have never seen separate publication. One of the pleasures of my current treasure hunt is finding some of those hidden books. William Henry Van Ornum, author of Why Government at All?, published his 19-part Co-operation in The Twentieth Century in 1894, a moment when that periodical was actively promoting the "cooperative commonwealth" of American marxist Laurence Gronlund, and it should be understood as an anarchist alternative to that project. Van Ornum was one of the anarchist writers willing to go head-to-head, and proposal for proposal, with the state socialists.

William Henry Van Ornum

from the pages of
The Twentieth Century
May 10-September 20, 1894

  1. Introduction
  2. In England
  3. Its Ideal
  4. Ancient Co-operation
  5. Some Experiments
  6. Various Schemes
  7. Various Schemes
  8. European Credit Banks
  9. European Credit Banks
  10. European Credit Banks
  11. Friendly Societies
  12. Historical Summary
  13. A Foundation
  14. A Plan
  15. Dangers
  16. Development
  17. Acquirement and Operation of Public Enterprises
  18. The Co-operative Commonwealth
  19. Conclusion

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