Thursday, June 07, 2007

BLL: My, how we've grown!

KN@PPSTER recently updated the roster of the Blogosphere of the Libertarian Left (BLL), and it's a pretty impressive update indeed! There's lots of diversity of opinion here. Everyone should be able to find something to both please and appall them. Here's the list, for you to explore, post on your own site, etc.

I should also mention once again the blog aggregator at, which has gone straight to the top of my Most Frequently Visited list. Aside from syndicating a collection of very good blogs, it provides a linkroll of other articles tagged for their left-libertarian appeal.

  1. Blogosphere of the Libertarian Left Home
  2. Austro-Athenian Empire
  3. The Osterley Times
  4. Leave Us Alone!
  5. Free Association
  6. Freeman's Journal
  7. CLASSical Liberalism
  8. A Pox On All Their Houses
  9. Eternal Vigilance
  10. Anarcho Akbar
  12. Fairly Informed
  13. freeman, libertarian critter
  14. out of step
  15. The Porcupine
  16. After:All
  17. Independent Country
  18. Just Things
  19. How the NeoCons Stole Freedom
  20. karmalised
  21. Into the Libertarian Labyrinth
  22. To the Black Rose upon the Rood of Time
  23. Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism
  24. the view from below
  25. Upaya: Skillful Means to Liberation
  26. ACLJew
  27. Freedom Democrats
  28. Presto's Ramblings
  29. Against The State
  30. Le Revue Gauche
  31. Crash Landing
  32. Scottish Nous
  33. Tor's Rants
  34. Joel's Humanistic Blog
  35. Rational Review
  36. Titanium Thoughts
  37. Liberated Space
  39. James Landrith is...Taking The Gloves Off
  40. Life, Love, and Liberty
  41. Little Red Blogger
  42. Devizes Melting Pot
  43. Black Guile
  44. The Liberator
  45. Bully Pulpit
  46. Something Different
  47. progressive voice of the pacific northwest
  48. shagya blog
  49. Carnival of Anarchy
  50. A Writer Gone Sane
  51. Travelling in Liberty
  52. The Thing Itself is the Abuse!
  53. Decentralist
  54. freeman's NO POLITICS
  55. The Minimum Wage Philosopher
  56. insultadarity
  57. eyeofthestorm
  58. The Jeffersonian Libertarian
  59. theConverted
  60. Liberal Values
  61. Dreaming Neon Black
  62. The Liberator Reloaded
  63. the 50 percent
  64. Revolt Today
  65. One Tenacious Baby Mama
  66. Anarchist Philosophy Blog
  67. Writings of J. Todd Ring
  68. Rottrådar & grönröd politik idag
  69. Iamcuriousblue
  70. Love and Terrorism

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading. Although reading Brad Spangler's "Market anarchism as stigmergic socialism" I noticed that he considered I quoted Rothbard out of context and misrepresented his ideas.

I do object to that.

I quoted Rothbard on a King "employ[ing] a cunning stratagem" -- now, call me naive but surely if Rothbard is saying that something is "cunning stratagem" then it surely implies he does not approve of it? My point in using that example was to show that private property resulted in despotism (as Proudhon argued). Rothbard admits this in the example I quoted.

I really am surprised that this part of the FAQ has been interpreted in any other way than that. Anyways, as part of the revision I have rewritten that part to make it clear that Rothbard did not approve on the King's "cunning stratagem" -- as I thought was obvious from the quote!

It is also a shame that Brad did not bother to email the FAQ and point this out. But I suppose this adds to the bad press FAQ gets in "anarcho"-capitalist circles...

I have posted this here as I cannot see any way of adding it to the actual article. Sorry, Shawn, I hope you do not mind.