Monday, January 14, 2008

Proudhon as a dramatist

From the pages of Liberty, an unfinished play by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, "Galileo: A Drama."

The Liberty archive is now also linked from the LabyrinthWiki, where the full-text archive will eventually reside.

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jamesenge said...


Some stuff in the Proudhon piece (e.g. "Galileo looks at his disciple with an ironical expression in his eye...") made me think this is really a sketch for a piece of fiction, rather than a play. So I was interested to see Proudhon conclude, "Might one not, before dramatizing this subject, try it as a novel?"

As a thousand courtroom dramas have since attested, he was right to ask: "Why should not judicial proceedings, the most dramatic in society, be placed upon the stage?" But a lot of that kind of drama hinges on tactical detail that would have required exposition over and above the philosophic/astronomical exposition, so I don't know if it would have worked...

This gave me a lot to mull over, anyway.