Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We convened 40% of the newborn Pacific Northwest ALL for lunch on Sunday. Not quite a quorum, but the two of us had a good time. I can now vouch for the quality of the eats at the Red and Black Cafe. Good stuff. A lot of the discussion naturally revolved around what works were available that might be fodder for more pamphlets at Invisible Molotov. (Bookmark it now, if you haven't already.) Much of the rest revolved around similar questions. Get two market anarchist nerds together and. . .

In the course of the conversation it became clear that there are probably some things added in the flood of new archived material over the last couple of years (close to 35,000 original pages, in one form or another) that deserve another mention. Here's a few gems you might have missed:
I'll be re-featuring more as I start cleaning up the wiki archive for the Grand Reopening.

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