Thursday, September 18, 2008


Translation of key material is an important priority, and translation to English is only a small part of what is ultimately needed. Rafael Hotz, who participated in the Proudhon seminar, has been making some material available in Portugese on his Enxurrada ("Flash flood," if I'm getting the sense right) blog. Translations include material by Proudhon, Gesell, Hodgskin, de Puydt, Kevin Carson, Roderick Long, and Per Bylund.

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Rafael Hotz said...

well, thanks for the divulgation Shawn...

enxurrada would mean something like "quick flood" i guess

i´ll start posting some stuff in english as well

i hope that people doesn´t get ofended with the third world black humor and with the infamous nicknames i´ve put on authors (in case they understand some portuguese)