Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Resource: ALL ad hoc global organizing committee

And the nominees for best left-libertarian graphics are. . .

Aside from contributing one of my favorite bits of radical graphic design, Rad Geek has contributed a very important resource in the "ad hoc global organizing committee" website,, a hub specifically designed to help left-libertarians find ALLies in their area.

Link-up, and lets see what we can do to expand the alliance. It's looking like we're all going to need all the allies we can get.


Soviet Onion said...

Hey Shawn, I was just perusing through the dots on the Frappr map and noticed that you're still listed as living in Ohio.

I would also add that it's imperative for people to actually set up an account so others can contact them through their message box, or an email address should they choose to list one. As it stands, many of these dots just list a location with, without a method of contact or a name/pseudonym to ask around for.

Shawn P. Wilbur said...

OK. Since folks seem eager to actually make use of the map, I've cleaned it up, disabled pins without at least a handle attached, got myself in the right part of the country, etc.