Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Digital editions of Josiah Warren, etc.

Josiah Warren's writings on equitable commerce have suffered from scarcity. Although there have been library editions of a number of the titles, there have been few, if any, popular editions. Of course, during his own time Warren issued a rather confusing array of editions, changing titles in mid-stream. Nearly the whole series of editions is now available in digital editions. This includes the five editions of Equitable Commerce:
  1. Equitable Commerce, 1846
  2. Equitable Commerce, 1849
  3. Equitable Commerce, 1852 (edited by Stephen Pearl Andrews)
  4. (reprinted as) True Civilization, a subject of vital and serious interest to all the people..., 1869
  5. True Civilization, a subject of vital and serious..., 1875
as well as the three other volumes in the series:
and Stephen Pearl Andrews' The Science of Society:
We should also point to Sidney H. Morse's Ethics of the Homestead Strike, which contains a nice discussion of Warren's philosophy. Morse's Liberty and Wealth, serialized in Liberty, will be available in a pamphlet form, together with Ethics..., So the Railway Kings Itch for an Empire, Do They? (which originally appeared in Tucker's Radical Review), and some shorter works by Warren.

William Bailie's Josiah Warren, the First American Anarchist is also available, and my bibliography on Warren and equitable commerce is growing steadily as well.

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