Saturday, July 18, 2009

Corvine Call #3 - Nuts & Bolts and $1 pamphlets

It's all about nuts and bolts right now, in terms of getting Corvus Distribution up and really running. One of the obvious needs was a catalog to give to potential customers, and particularly potential retailers, so here's Catalog #1 (available in booklet and 2-up formats, along with a checklist/mailorder sheet.) Working up a set of discounts, incentives, sustainer packages and the like is hard work, and after doing a lot of thinking about the issues, I decided to make things as simple, and as personal, as I could manage. After all, one of the worst things about the corporate retail world is all of the contrived "deals" and incentives that make shopping so much like threading a brightly colored minefield. And, at base, Corvus specializes in free stuff that I would like you to pay a little bit for, sometimes, if that's in the cards, one place or another, so that there will be more of it next week, and next year, and so that the people who make it their business to distribute this ultimately free stuff can afford to do so as well.

People have been asking about discounts and about subscriptions. The ultimate answer to all of these questions is: email me and we'll work something out. But here's the basics, from the catalog:


There are 3 ways to claim your resale discount:

  1. Download pdfs from, print yourself, and send us a donation to keep the flow of pamphlets coming.
  2. Order individual titles in bulk:
    5-9 copies: 40% off
    10-19 copies: 50% off
    20+ copies: 60% off and the shopping cart system at will figure your discounts automatically.
    Put together an order of 10 or more items, send it via email to shawn (at) corvusdistribution (dot) org, and we’ll work out a discount rate (40% and up in most instances.)


Send an email to shawn (at) corvusdistribution (dot) org and we’ll work out a discount scheme.


Email me at, yes,
shawn (at) corvusdistribution (dot) org with some idea of what you would like to contribute, and we’ll figure out how to get you your money’s worth in Corvus Editions.


Get in touch, and we’ll make something happen.
As of today, the Friends of Corvus Distribution has its first sustaining member, who has opted for $20 of donated support per month, with no discount claimed, but the option of changing his mind. I'll get a formal sign-up page up soon, but the deal for sustainers is simple: You pick the amount; you pick the frequency; you pick any reasonable discount, commensurate with the support you intend to give; and chances are we've got a deal.

Anyway, on to the new stuff. I've been a little distracted lately, so I've been churning out short, cheap pamphlets:

There are five new titles in the catalog today, covering a range of topics: 1) Edward Carpenter's 1911 An Unknown People, on gender roles and same-sex relationships; 2) Dyer Lum's debate-in-fiction with Rabbi Solomon Schindler on Edward Bellamy's Looking Backwards, the 1890 "A Journalist's Confession;" 3) "The Shay's Rebellion as a Political Aftermath," by land-bank historian Andrew Macfarland Davis; "Roadtown: A Mecca for Physical Culturists," an article on Edgar Chambless' radical city-planning model by Milo Hastings, himself the author of some interesting writings on urban reform; and a dual-language edition of Emile Armand's "Mini-Manual of the Individualist Anarchist."

Almost finished: works by Moses Harman, Ernest Crosby, Morrison Swift, William B. Greene, Orestes Brownson, J. K. Ingalls, Ernst Steile and Orestes Brownson.

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