Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Philosophy of Progress, revised translation

It's coming up on three years since I completed my initial working translation of Proudhon's The Philosophy of Progress. In that time, I've subjected the text to three rather complete revisions, and various more minor adjustments. The result is a new edition of the New Proudhon Library volume, which I'll be releasing as Corvus Editions' first offset-printed release in the near future. Details of the release are coming together, but it looks like it will be something about midway between previous pamphlets and my hand-bound hardcover editions, with a heavy cover made from repurposed materials. In the meantime, the pdf is available online. Working closely with the text again over the last couple of months has just confirmed in my mind how absolutely key it is to understanding Proudhon's thought. I encourage those who haven't read it to give it a look, and those who have perhaps only seen my early revisions, or for whom it didn't make much of an impression the first time around, to give it another look. 

Some of my thoughts on The Philosophy of Progress can be found in "The Heart of Proudhon's Thought."

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