Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Ravachol miscellany

I've recently posted several items relating to the anarchist counterfeiter, thief, murderer, bomber, and Jesus-figure, François Claudius Koenigstein, aka Ravachol. Political violence will no doubt be something of a theme on the blogs in 2013, and it's hard to talk about the complex intersection of anarchism and violence without addressing the anarchist myth of "Saint" Ravachol. I've tracked down a couple of French collections of material on the Ravachol myth, and will be translating more anarchist responses. I've also started work again on the novel The Exploits of Ravachol, for potential book publication, since there is some interest in a translation. But here, for now, are the new items, along with a couple of things that have been available for awhile. The Malato essay is, I think, a particularly interesting account of the "propaganda by the deed" movement, and the Pierre Quillard essay, which appeared in the Mercure de France, is strange and striking.

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