Friday, January 11, 2013

Good things in twos

I'm just about ready to get this year's Corvus Editions releases rolling, and one of the new series will be a library of Lizzie M. Holmes essays and fiction. The material is starting to show up in the Libertarian Library blog-archive as well, starting with "A Gift from His Employes" and "The 'Slummers.'"

I posted Louise Michel's "Why I am an Anarchist" awhile back, and discovered a sort of companion piece, "Why We are Anarchists" in The Commonweal recently, while researching the English translation of "The Strike."

And translation work for The Bakunin Library project is finally underway in earnest, with two newly translated essays online: "Madame Léo and l’Egalité" (1869; a response to André Léo, Elie Réclus, and others) and "Nechayev: Is He a Political Criminal or Not?" (1872).

I can promise lots more from all three of these figures in the near future...

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