Monday, April 15, 2013

Instead of a Book... a Different Book

With the essay on Proudhon and the state finally in the hands of the reviewers, I've been able to think a little more seriously about what portions of the Two-Gun Mutualism: Rearmed book are both of general interest and unlikely to be better dealt with in the context of the Atercracy project. After recontextualizing and "rebranding," there is still a basic study of Proudhon's thought and its modern application that remains to be written. Here's a tentative outline of the "replacement" text:
Exploring the Theory and Practice of Proudhonian Anarchism

Introduction: The Long Road Back to Proudhon

Part One: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: An Introduction and Restoration
I. The Philosophy of Progress
                  Two Kinds of Truth
                  The Nature of the Revolution
II. Anarchism: Critical, Constructive and Ungovernable
III. Absolutes and Free Absolutes: Proudhon’s Theory of Beings
IV. In the Balance: Proudhon’s Theory of Justice

Part Two: Neo-Proudhonian Explorations
I. A Gift Economy of Property
II. State and Market as Collective Beings
III. Proudhon for Lovers
IV. Thinking Like an Anarchist
There are also a few purely practical observations on topics like occupancy and use, mutual banking, and the cost principle that I want to eventually write up, and those will probably appear on the blog.

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Julia Riber Pitt said...

Thanks for all your work, Shawn. I appreciate it and I look forwards to your book.